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Your Session 



QHHT® is a unique hypnosis method developed by Dolores Cannon, based on past life regression.


You don't have to believe in reincarnation to benefit from a QHHT® session.


Whatever your life journey, your beliefs, your religion or your culture, this technique will take you to a very deep state of relaxation and connect with what Dolores Cannon called the Subconscious, (the Higher Self, Super conscious mind). This is the part of you that has the answers to all your questions.


By putting the personality, the rational and analytical side on pause, we can easily accessing the intuitive part of the mind. 


During your session, I will guide you to find the answers to help you live your best possible life and to initiate your self-healing journey.

A session usually lasts between 5 and 6 hours, sometimes more. We will take some time to chat, and the regression part, which is recorded, is around 2 hours. 


It seems like a long day, but time flies by quickly when we access the quantum field!

Your List of Questions

During your session, we can deal with questions pertaining to your :

  • health, physical or emotional challenges,

  • relationship issues,

  • career or life path choices,

  • your mission and purpose on Earth,

  • blocks rooted in childhood, past lives, ancestral karma, recurrent dreams,

or anything else you would like to know in order for you to become the highest version of yourself and to live your best possible life! 

What can the Subconscious heal during a QHHT®

How to prepare for your QHHT Session?

A QHHT® Session with Renée

I have been practising the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique in French and English since 2018. In May and June of that year, I attended and successfully completed
Levels 1 and 2 in person with Julia Cannon in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.​ 

At the end of 2020, I completed the online training for Soul Speak: The Language Of Your Body with Julia, and became a certified practitioner. Soul Speak is a complementary modality to QHHT®.  

I am a member of the world wide professional support forum for all certified practitioners of this past life hypnosis regression technique.


You can find my profile in the QHHT Official Practitioner Directory.

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QHHT® Session

An intensive, inspiring, and enlightening experience.

A QHHT® session can last 5 to 6 hours, sometimes longer. 


This means my whole day is reserved exclusively for you. We usually start at 10 a.m.

Information shared during a session is strictly confidential. 


(Offered in person only.)

My office is located in the   Edmundston region of northwestern New Brunswick, Canada.

If you are travelling from outside the area, CLICK HEREfor more details.


$350  (taxes included)

For most people, one session is all that is required to initiate self-healing and find the answers to all your questions.

A $100 deposit* is required to book your appointment.

Payment options

  • Cash

  • INTERAC Transfer

  • Credit card PayPal (not
    available at this time.)

*Cancellation policy: the deposit is non-refundable. Appointment date may be changed with 48 hours' notice.

You will also receive an audio recording of your session.

Re-listening to the recording is an integral part of the QHHT® method.

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How to

Your list of questions

It's important to take the time to prepare a list of questions, in writing on paper (please make
sure it is legible). This is a key part of the process.

All questions are appropriate: career, relationships, health, projects, life mission, curiosities, etc.

The day of your session

  • dress comfortably,

  • eat a good breakfast (avoid drinking coffee),

  • bring a snack and some water,

  • don't forget to bring your list of questions.

Tips to facilitate your session


  1. When I ask a question, always TRUST and tell me the VERY FIRST thing or image that comes to mind. (The more you do this, the easier it gets.)

  2. When I ask you to imagine or see something, SEE it in as much DETAIL as possible. (Visualization comes from the right brain, and it helps you go deeper.)

  3. Talk, talk and talk a LOT! Lose yourself in your story.

See Suzanne Spooner's video where she offers more tips to prepare you for your session.

*Source: Suzanne Spooner, Level 3 practitioner and moderator of the official QHHT® forum.  

What to Expect

When you arrive, we'll sit down and have a nice long chat. 


I'll explain the hypnosis process, and you will share with me me why you decided to have a session and about your life's journey so far.


Finally, we will review your list of questions.

After a short break, you will lie down on a very confortable bed and easily let yourself be guided into an extremely peaceful and deeply relaxing experience. We will go to the most appropriate time and place, and then ask the Subconscious/Higher Self to answer your questions.

Since I will never force you to go where you don't want to, you will always stay in control of the situation. 

The experience is unique, so it's important to trust. It's important not to have expectations. Some see images like in a movie, others see flashes or impressions, feel emotions, physical, olfactory, auditory or other sensations.

When I count you out of the hypnotic state you will feel wonderful like after a good nap. You will have your snack, and we'll take a little time to discuss what came up.

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Roles and responsibilities

When you choose to experience a QHHT® session, you understand that you are the one providing your own answers and self-healing. What Dolores Cannon called the Subconscious (Higher Self, Superconscious mind) is the part that will take you to the most appropriate times and places. It will never show you anything that you are not ready to see. 


My role as the practitioner is to guide and facilitate the experience. The objective is to find information that can help you in the best way possible. I will never take you somewhere you do not want to go. You are always in control, as all hypnosis is auto-hypnosis. 

Listening to the recording is very important

Although most people feel awake and aware during their session, the details can quickly dissipate, like waking up from a dream.


This is why it is very important to listen and re-listen to your recording. It's part of the quantum experience. It will give you a different perspective and you will be able to deepen the information received to anchor your self-healing.



“I really enjoyed this experience. I can feel that things are being released. I can't put it into words, but I know some kind of transformation is happening inside me. I'm going to take the time to listen to the recording again. Thank you so much!”

Monique - August 2023

Session Stories

Excerpts of transcriptions  from some my client sessions, with their permission.

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