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    Soul Speak

Every ache, pain, illness, and disease is a message trying to be delivered to you.


These messages are coming from the greater part of you that knows why you are here and what your purpose is.

Julia Cannon SOUL SPEAK

The Language of Your Body



Please note: this is not a soul reading, and I am not a clairvoyant.

I am a certified Soul Speak practitioner, having completed the online course in late 2020. I offer individual sessions, as well as incorporating elements of this modality into my QHHT® practice.

Soul Speak is a self-healing technique developed by Julia Cannon, who after leaving her career as a nurse, discovered a completely different world of healing by working with her mother, Dolores Cannon, creator of QHHT®, a unique method of hypnosis.on 

By uncovering the special language that is expressed by our bodies through aches, pains and diseases, Julia developed the Soul Speak program to teach people to interpret these messages, in order to heal themselves and help guide others in their self-healing.

Julia's book Soul Speak: The Language of Your Body was published in 2013.


Soul Speak Session

60 to 90 minutes 


Interview format with a guided meditation.

A deep dive into one or two physical or emotional challenges in order to understand your body's messages and to begin self-healing.

Information shared during a session is strictly confidential. 


(Offered in person only.)

My office is located in the   Edmundston region of northwestern New Brunswick, Canada.

If you are travelling from outside the area, CLICK HEREfor more details.


$111 (taxes included)

  • INTERAC Transfer

  • Cash

  • Credit card*, via PayPal

A $50 deposit via INTERAC
e-transfer is required to reserve your appointment.
There is an additional
 fee of *$4
if paying with a credit card.

Cancellation policy. The deposit is
on refundable. Appointment date may be changed with 48 hours' notice.

If you would like, you can make an audio recording of your session using your phone, tablet or computer.


How to
Self Heal

We are 100% responsible for everything we experience.


When we understand our body's messages, we can dig a little deeper into why we created the situation and when it started.


By finding the root, and listening to the messages, we can begin the healing process and regain emotional and physical balance.



What to Expect

When you arrive, we'll sit down and have a short discussion.


We will then explore, in depth, one or two of your physical or emotional challenges. 

I will accompany you to easily understand your body's messages in order to begin the self-healing process.


You may make an audio recording of your session.




Please understand that YOU and ONLY YOU are RESPONSIBLE for your own self-healing. Soul Speak is a remarkable modality that offers impressive results, but it will NOT WORK for you if:

 You are looking for someone else to do the work and heal you          

X   You are not willing to go within and receive your answers    

X   You are not willing to take action on your messages​

So, if you feel you are ready to:

  • Take a deep dive

  • Focus in on one or two physical or emotional issues;

  • Learn how to interpret the messages coming from your body

  • Book a session 

 Or if you would like more information, I invite you to... 

Check out this video where Julia Cannon explains how she developed Soul Speak: The Language of Your Body, and how it works.


For more information, visit her website:


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