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Dolores Cannon

Soul Speak






Some of the workshops are designed for small groups
(3 to 10 participants),

as it allows more time for sharing and discussions.  

PLEASE NOTE that workshops are offered IN PERSON.

I also offer workshops for PRIVATE GROUPS ​
Please contact me if you would like more information.

Workshop Calendar

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How to Prepare

  • bring a journal or notebook, as well as pen or pencil,

  • dress comfortablybring a bottle of water,

  • for the Tarot workshops you can bring your own Tarot or Oracle card deck (a selection of decks will also be made available),

  • for the group regression or Soul Speak workshops, you can also choose to bring a yoga mat or meditation cushion.


We also ask that the confidentiality of all participants be respected.  What happens in the workshop stays in the workshop.

What to Expect

I'll explain the workshop outline.  


Then we will do some exercises to engage the right side of the mind, the part that has access to the imagination, to symbols and to our intuition. By setting an intention. each participant will have a unique experience.


Group Regression Workshops

  • regression bringing you to explore a past, parallel or future life, meeting with a guide or guardian angel.

  • or to tune into the messages of your body.

Intuitive Tarot Workshops

  • guided meditation to help centre you and connect to your subconscious, various card spreads and guidance to interpret the cards and to meet a guide or guardian angel. 

Soul Speak: The Language of Your Body Workshop 

  • how does our body send us messages; 

  • guided meditation to meet a guide or gardian angel to receive a message, and a meditation to help you listen to the messages of your body;

  • alone time to write down impressions and interpretation of messages in your journal.


At the end of the workshop, there will then be time for questions, discussions and sharing for those who wish to do so.


Testimonial - Tarot Workshop

"A real discovery in the way of doing tarot! It's impressive to see the magic work through the cards. Thank you for this discovery, which has brought my challenges to light, allowing me to move forward serenely, with confidence. Thank you also for your kindness and your guidance. I'll end with a quote from Master Yoda: ‘In a dark place, we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way".

Valérie - Edmundston, NB

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