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What is


What distinguishes a Quantum Tarot reading from a traditional reading is that I invite you to play a central role in interpreting the cards by connecting to your intuition, in order to access the part of you that holds all the answers. 

I will guide you to find answers to your questions and the messages from your Higher Self through the 72 archetypes of the Tarot. No knowledge of the meaning of the cards is necessary. My role is to ask questions. All you have to do is answer with the first thoughts, impressions and feelings that come up for you.

The Tarot has been part of my life for over 20 years. I meditate with the cards, I read the cards for myself, and I have often read the cards for my close friends. Each time, I deepen my knowing and continue to learn.

Recently, I was inspired to integrate tools from my QHHT® (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) practice to help people access the quantum field by offering a unique Tarot experience which invites them to learn to trust their own inner knowing.


In fact, it was during a card reading for a friend who is also a hypnosis practitioner that the idea originated. Then, to help me better orient myself to offer this service, I immersed myself in several online courses with a dozen Tarot masters.

Find out more about my Tarot journey ... 

Please Note

I want to point out that my role is to guide clients so that they can learn to trust their own intuition and access their own answers. I use my experience and intuition to ask questions in relation to the cards that come up, but I don't play the role of medium or clairvoyant in the traditional sense of a card reading.  


I also offer workshops to help you become more confident about your own intuition to find your own answers to your questions through the archetypes of the Tarot cards. It's easier than you may think! No knowledge of the meanings of the cards is necessary!

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Quantum Tarot Session

Approximately 90 min.

 An intensive, inspiring, and enlightening experience. 

Information shared during a session is strictly confidential. 


(Offered in person
only for the moment.)

My office is located in  Edmundston in the northwestern part of New Brunswick, Canada.



Please contact me to place your order.
No expiration date to book appointment.)

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$111  (taxes included)

for 90 minutes



for 10 % OFF!


  • INTERAC transfer

  • Cash

  • Credit card* via PayPal.


A $50 deposit via INTERAC
e-transfer is required to reserve your appointment.
There is an additional
 fee of *$4 if paying by credit card.

* Cancellation policy: deposit non refundable. Appointment date may be changed with 48 hours' notice.

 You can take photos and make an audio recording of the session if you so choose.

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What to

We'll have chat to discuss what's going on in your life at the moment, and what has inspired you to consult your Higher Self through the archetypes of the Tarot.


I will then guide you to help formulate your questions so that you can receive the clearest possible answers, for your greater good and the greater good of all. 


Through a short guided meditation, I'll invite you to relax deeply so you can connect with the right side of your mind. This is the part that is linked to the imagination, symbols and archetypes, the subconscious, our guides and our Higher Self. 


We'll start the reading, and I'll ask you to decode the messages offered by the cards. I will also assist you in interpreting the cards. If you wish, you are welcome to record the audio of your session and take photos of the card spreads.


The Higher Self never gives us information we're not ready to hear. By listening to the audio of your session again or meditating on the individual cards, you'll be able to delve deeper into the messages from your Higher Self.


What's more, during this session you'll be able to acquire tools, tips and even develop greater confidence if you wish to integrate the Tarot into your daily life.

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Testimonial -Quantum Tarot Reading

"I loved it. Renée was very welcoming, 
you feel at ease straight away."

Lise Richard

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