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When I discovered Dolores Cannon, her books and her unique hypnosis method, I finally understood my life purpose and my mission on this planet. 


Dolores considered herself as “the reporter, the psychic investigator and the researcher of ‘lost’ knowledge".

Her work struck a deep chord within me, not only because of my background in journalism, but also because of my natural curiosity and my personal and spiritual journey.

 - Renée Morel


Renée with Kaya Wittenberg and Julia Cannon at the QHHT practitioners reunion in Ibiza, Spain. (October 2023)

Short Bio

Renée has always lived with a foot in two worlds.


With a background in journalism, she has worked in the field of news, television production, and as a communications and project management consultant. You can find her resume on the Content Creation page to see her professional experience history and filmography.

Renée is a lifelong bookworm and steadfast researcher. Even before becoming a teenager, she was fascinated by history, lost civilizations, mysteries and ufos, spirituality, astronomy, astrology and metaphysics. She later became interested in past lives and the Tarot, and embarked on several spiritual adventures as a pilgrim walking the Camino de Santiago (Way of St James) in Spain and France.  


Self-employed, she decided to take a sabbatical in 2018 and travelled to Eureka Springs in Arkansas for the QHHT® Levels 1 and 2 training; a hypnosis method based on past life regression developed by Dolores Cannon.


At the end of 2018, she chose to commit herself to her QHHT® practice on a part-time basis, while continuing her career in the traditional world of communications. In 2022, a health issue prompted her to take a step back and she embarked on a personal journey of self-healing. This led her to re-evaluate her life and how she chooses to invest her time and energy.

In the spring of 2023, she decided to combine her two websites (QHHT® and Communications Consulting). She is now concentrating on her hypnosis practice, offering workshops and Tarot card readings with a quantum twist.


She continues to use her communications skills and expertise to create content for holistic practitioners and businesses that also offer alternative products and services.

In early 2024 she plans to undertake the process of becoming a certified Level 3 QHHT® practitioner.

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