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A QHHT session® is a unique opportunity to help you connect to your higher Self to find the answers to all your questions and start your self-healing. 


how to prepare

List of questions

It is important to take time to prepare a list of questions, in writing.

All questions are valid: career, relationships, health, projects, life mission, curiosities, etc.


The start time of the appointment is usually at 10 a.m. in the morning.

  • dress comfortably,

  • eat a good breakfast (avoid too much coffee),

  • bring a snack,

  • Don't forget to bring your list of questions.

How it goes

We'll  talk a little. I'll explain the process to you,
and we will talk about your life journey and the reasons that challenge you to live this experience. Finally, we will review your list of questions.

After a short break, and understanding that the state of hypnosis is completely natural and safe, you will easily let yourself be guided towards this extremely comfortable, peaceful and deep relaxation experience. 

Since I will never force you to go where you don't want to, you will always stay in control of the situation. 

The experience is unique, so it's important to trust.  It's important not to have expectations.

Some see images like in a movie,
others see flashes or impressions,
feel emotions, physical, olfactory, auditory or other sensations.


No matter how it turns out, you'll have the experience you need right now. The subconscious will never show you what you are not ready to see. 


After the countdown to get you out of hypnosis,
you will feel wonderfully well, fresh and available, like after a good nap. 
While you're eating your snack, we're going to take a moment to discuss what came up.

My role

Guide and facilitator

Ask questions and start a conversation with your Higher Self (your intuitive side, your connection with the creative Source).


It is your Higher Self that will bring you to the most appropriate times and times.


My goal is to guide you to find the information to help you in the best possible way.​

I want to emphasize that I practice QHHT® 

exactly the way taught by Dolores Cannon and her daughter Julia.

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Your role

Tips to make your session easier*


  • When I ask a question, always TRUST and tell me the VERY FIRST thing or image that comes to you. (The more you do this, the easier it gets.)


  • When I ask you to imagine or see something, SEE it in AS DETAIL as possible. (Visualization comes from the right brain, and it helps you go deeper.)


  • Talk, talk and talk LOTS! Lose yourself in your story.

  • See itvideofrom Suzanne Spooner who offers other tips to prepare you for your session.(With the option to activate French subtitles.)


*Source: Suzanne Spooner,Level 3 practitioner and moderator of the official QHHT® forum.  

Importance of re-listening to the recording 


Although most people feel quite awake and aware during their session, the details can quickly dissipate, like waking up from a dream. This is why it is important to listen and re-listen to your recording. It's part of the experience. It will give you a different perspective and you will be able to deepen the information received to anchor your self-healing.

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Payment options 

  • cash

  • INTERAC transfer

  • credit card*, via PayPal or Square.

*There is an additional $5 charge for payment by credit card.

My office isin the Edmundston region in the northwest of the province of
New Brunswick. 

If you are traveling from abroad, CLICK HERE for more details.

Fix an appointment

Your QHHT session®

time, investment, commitment

The duration of a QHHT® session is 5 to 6 hours, 
and sometimes more. 
This implies that my whole day is reserved exclusively for you!

For most people, one session is sufficient.

An intensive, inspiring, and enlightening experience, many see their session QHHT® certified by Dolores Cannon, as a unique investment in their personal, spiritual, or professional development, or in their physical or emotional self-healing.

The information shared in a session QHHT® 
are strictly confidential. 

TYou will also receive an audio recording of your session. 

Cost of a QHHT session®

Minimum duration of 5 hours (often 6 hours or more) 

$300 (+ 15% HST) = $345

A $75, non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the appointment date.

Session offered in person only.

For comparison, a therapeutic massage session costs between $60 and $80 per hour.

A QHHT session®is a one-time investment to receive advice
and self-healing coming directly from your Higher Self.


When you engage in a QHHT® session, you understand that it is you who generates your own responses and that you es responsible for your self-healing.


The role of the practitioner is to act as a guide to facilitate this experience.

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